For all who would see, the end of World War II and Korean fighting (South Korea excepted), led to major disappointments – world peace and security still a distant dream, Communism in place of Nazism, an ever-present threat from the Soviet Union (or Russian Federation) and Chinese and North Korean peoples’ republics. Americans live today at the mercy of these terrible war outcomes.


Numerous information deficits, deserving national attention, beset the American people during and long after Roosevelt and Truman presidencies. The following public and private leadership acts are unique, surprising, and in fact, history-making. They represent only a small sample of Red US Government infestation and associated treason.

They demand truthful explanation:

  • Great and unspoken material support in enabling Soviet nuclear bomb creation and mass production during Roosevelt and Truman administration (1942 – 1949) . Much help came straight from the White House under the “Lend-Lease” umbrella and included multiple uranium shipments to Soviet Russia. Important Government figures in both administrations favored sharing all atomic information and materials with Moscow. The American people financially paid for the senseless largess, then paid for decades in Soviet threat of nuclear devastation, always blind to Washington’s helping hand.

  • President Truman’s 1946 appointments of influential US Government Soviet agents Harry Dexter White and Frank Coe to important International Monetary Fund posts, ignoring written reports from FBI Director Hoover about their rich Red spy histories;

  • Truman’s August 1948 press conference statement, “The Alger Hiss Case is just a red herring” – a false issue. The Case centered on high-level espionage within US Government. The comment reflected official disinterest and “active hostility among the most powerful sections of the Truman Administration” in publicizing and rooting out Reds in Government;

  • identical “near-total absence of Executive-level interest in exposing and eliminating Communists in Government” disappoints FBI agents working to uncover the truth;

  • despite hard evidence of US Government treason, the Justice Department announced on December 1, 1948 that without additional proof, no legal action would be taken against Communist spy Hiss;

  • when new, irrefutable proof of treason meant the Justice Department could no longer stonewall filing of formal charges against Hiss, two US Supreme Court justices, Frankfurter and Reed, testify as character witnesses at his 1949 perjury trial. Their appearances are unprecedented in modern Court history;

  • Truman Secretary of State Acheson’s 1949 public statement personally backing then-convicted perjurer Hiss, whose legal troubles centered on espionage against America. Acheson is the only prominent US Government leader openly expressing support for a convicted Communist Washington spy. Fierce political criticism over the remarks hurt the Truman Administration forever after;

  • Franklin Roosevelt brushes off entreaties of Assistant Secretary of State Berle, Ambassador William Bullitt, and prominent reporter Walter Winchell about widespread Communist penetration in US Government;